The Search tool is really useful and is an essential aspect of navigating a brain. Can the Search box for the web interface be moved to the top-center of the window and/or made much more prominent?

Yes I found that to ! Now in the web-client, the search-button is like stuck-out for the user and there is very little place to see the results of the search ! It should be placed at least on the top-center or even in the top-midden of the screen. Also a wider input screen would be welcome. 

I'd also like to see a static display of the search results, with the option to right click on each of the search results and automatically open them in a new tab (or window) -- similar to the way most search results function elsewhere on the web.

This would make it much, MUCH easier for brain visitors to dive deep into the contents of a brain without having to navigate between thoughts one layer at a time.

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