Hi Guys,

Sure this question must have been asked a lot of times - but can't find the answer anywhere?!

I want to move my brain from my pc to a laptop.  I do not want to run it from a usb key.

How do I do this?
- how do I move my licence?
- how do I then move my data?
- will my links (to files, outlook stuff and urls) still be functional?

Please help as need to become mobile!!!

Thanks in advance...

Nic Smith
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- Not sure about licensing. I believe if you Uninstall from your PC and install to your Laptop it will take care of it, if not you can always send an e-mail to and they will take care of it.

- To move your database, you can either:
1. Copy your [brain_name].brain file and [brain_name]_brain folder from your PC to the new location on your Laptop.

2. Alternately, in PersonalBrain on your PC, choose File > Create Brainzip and choose to Include search index (so you don't have to rebuild the index when you open it on your laptop). Once the brainzip is complete, open the folder containing the .brainzip file, and move it to your laptop.
Then, once you have installed PersonalBrain on your laptop, choose File > Open and pick your .branzip file. It will automatically extract and open your brain.

- Any attachments that are internal will be fine. For external attachments, it depends...

If your username and paths are identical on both, there won't be a problem, as long as you move your attachments to the same location on the laptop.
For example, if your attachments in your PC are in subfolders in C:\Documents and Settings\Fred Flintstone\My Documents, and your path is the same on the Laptop, you won't have to do anything. However, if your path changes to C:\Documents and Settings\MC Escher\My Documents then they will break. In that case, you can use File > Utilities > Replace Attachment Location to change the path. In the example above you would enter C:\Documents and Settings\Fred Flintstone\ in the Search for: field, and C:\Documents and Settings\MC Escher\ in the Replace with: field.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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