Hello, I searched this forum for an answer to this question, but i did not find it.
Hope somebody can help.
The case, I am a PhD student and installed the brain on the fasted USB stick I could find. Because I want to carry it with me all the time and use it on any pc.
In the brain I keep lots of PDF´s and word documents for my research.
I also do a lot of interviews, which I tape and store as MP3 files (They can be more than100 mb).  I had the idea to move all of these MP3´s into the brain.
It take however a long time for a MP3 (100 Mb) to move into the brain and
It also seems that the performance of the Brain is declining due to this.
Is this the way to go, or is it better for performance purposes to attache them and not to move them into the brain.
Thanks for your help.


Thanks Arnold for your question. I would add another concern to this topic - I there a higher risk of data loss in case files are moved into the brain and not only attached. What is the "safer" option, i.e. to move documents in or attache them only. I would appriciate the PB team or forum participants to share their views.
thanks in advance,
less is more
Arnold, you may try opening the thought folder from the Properties and Attachments window, and then dragging the file in there. Hopefully that will speed things up.
I haven't seen any visible performance issues when files are internal vs. external, then again, I don't use it on a USB stick. You may create a separate folder on the USB stick, throw your files in there and import them to PB as links. Just some ideas.

rzw7, I used to keep all my files internal to PB. Now because I use Dropbox to sync two computers I only keep internal files that I need on both.
PB stores the files in GUID thought folders under the _personalbrain\Files folder, so they retain their format and aren't actually incorporated into the database. Even if the PB database is corrupted and you can't run it any more, you can still retrieve any attachments using the file system. If you have to do that, I'd recommend using search, and do it by file type as that will be easier to locate your files rather than going into the folder system.

The advantage of keeping files internally is when you create a brainzip, they are automatically backed up. Also, if you move computers, or move a file by mistake, the link in PB isn't broken. Currently I store all my files that are external and attached to PB in a single folder so if need be I can just restore the folder and no links break. It also gives me just one location to back up the files.
Hope this helps.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

Great answer, thank you zenrain

less is more

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