Will be buying a new iMac soon. Want to save and transfer this app and desktop info to my new computer after trading in the old iMac. So I want to have a copy before deleting the information on my old machine. I use TimeMachine consistently, but not sure how to move an app.

Thank you.

Thanks for posting. You can re-download the app directly from Just log in using your user name/password.

If you have synced your brain databases to the cloud, you can then re-download right from within TheBrain app.

If you are not syncing to TheBrain Cloud, it would be best to visit each brain individually and click on File > Backup to Brain Archive (.brz)  Move each .brz file over to the new machine. Open TheBrain and click on File > Import > Brain Archive (.brz) to rebuild each of your brain databases on the new device.

Thank you,
If you use Time Machine normally you should not have to do anything. TheBrain application and all of the data should be restored automatically. 

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