In my web client wish list for TB9, I requested an alternative option for displaying attachments in TB9 web client.

Currently, all attachments display as tabs beside or across the top of the notes. 

1 - TruncatedNames.png 

2 - TruncatedNames+1AttachmentHidden.png

However, there are several problems with this display:
> Attachment names longer than approximately 23 characters will be cut off by the tab width limit
> If more than 3-4 attachments are assigned to a thought, and if the notes are positioned on the side of the plex in the web client, there will not be enough room to display all of the attachment tabs, except on the largest of screens.

(See 4 tabs in the vertical screenshot above and only 3 tabs in the horizontal screenshot above.)

In light of this, I recommend returning to an attachment display more similar to what we had in TB8 where ALL the attachment links could be displayed in FULL (with full links and full link names) immediately above the notes. This display is easy to read, and includes additional information provided by each link's favicon:

4 - TB8 Attachments Fully Visible.png 

Best of all, even on the narrowest of screens, the TB8 display of attachments allows the reader to view ALL the attachments in Full at ONCE rather than having to navigate through multiple tabs and/or fiddle with the content area (expand it or move it) in order to see all of the available attachments, as is necessary in TB9.

For example, the hidden attachment in the previous TB9 example is only visible (with vertical notes) if the plex is manually hidden (an option most web client visitors will not even know is available).

3 - PlexHidden_RevealsHiddenAttachment.png
In light of this, I will be interested in:
  • knowing other users' thoughts on this issue and
  • learning more about the feasibility of returning to a TB8-style attachment display.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

= Update =
Please ignore any duplicate images displaying at the foot of this post. This "extra" display is a result of a glitch in the forum software, and TB Staff will be contacting the forum software folks to figure out how to iron out this bug. Click image for larger version - Name: 2 - TruncatedNames+1AttachmentHidden.png, Views: 63, Size: 3.28 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 3 - PlexHidden_RevealsHiddenAttachment.png, Views: 64, Size: 4.12 KB
+1 for better attachment lists.
Thank you Metta.  Request has been documented.

Thanks, Matt. Appreciate your willingness to have the team review these attachment/linking considerations.

Also, can you confirm that our recent discussion about controlling the size of attached images has also been documented?

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