In preferences, add text-field to specify, which character (or string) acts as thought separator, please.
Then, user can chose e.g. backslash, (or e.g. two commas,,), etc.

I frequently use semicolon character as part of thought label. Either from intention or as part of text copied from internet (e.g. definition of word from Google Translate).
In current implementation, before each creation of thought, I have to consciously check content and manually remove all semicolons, otherwise, thought gets split into more thoughts.

ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION (IMHO, less beneficial and more complicated for both, user and programmer)
Add toggle for semicolon functionality.
Either in preferences or directly in top menu (to allow for dynamic adjustment) or in floating box with text-field for creation of jump/child/parent.
+1 for customizing the special character used for creating multiple thoughts

Similarly, I would like the option to choose the special character used as a separator between the thought name and the thought label.

Currently, the pipe command ( | ) functions as the default separator.

However, I have for years now been using the pipe command in my thought names. Not only is this new feature interrupting my current work flow (and adding more steps into my thought naming process), I'm concerned it will also wreak havoc with all the thought names in my megabrain when I (eventually) attempt to import it into TB10.

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