If you have multiple users who need to share a single Brain, BrainEKP is the way to go. It’s web-based and you can setup different users with tiered access control. Some clients use it like a visual wiki for ad hoc knowledge and file sharing others have a more structured content management setup. You can also import your existing PersonalBrains to get started.

Are pricing and configuration/installation/administration information publicly available? I would really like to know more about this product! I've been all over the white papers and marketing materials, and it looks very interesting, but I'd really like to see more specifics, if possible.

Could some of the manuals, etc, be posted?
Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.

You should attend our BrainEKP Web seminar on March 22! I will be hosting it and Harlan will also be Participating! Anyone is welcome.  Anyone who's interested. email me at and I'll send you the Web meeting link and conference numbers. See the attached PDF for more details.


Hi Shelly,
Like us, it seems that you are in an explosion of many things happening at once.
This would explain the confusion of the various price points for collaborative versus viral version of The Brain.
You have an extremely powerful client ascension model set up by offering the various versions, and making the price points clear to the different levels of leads. (Level 2 thru 5 leads).

We finally ended up creating an entirely different website for our less expensive versions of our software.
Look forward to the call on Thursday.
- Russell

Yes this is always a challenge. Interesting, idea regarding the use different sites Russel. We are in the process of redesigning our current site to clarify our new product versions this should help.  Generally speaking we have a very clear division right now between personal solutions, this market and consumer addressed by our PersonalBrain product. Then we have BrainEKP, for group collaboration and wide scale usage. In the future we will be blurring the lines further



But for now..... THE Difference Between PersonalBrain and BrainEKP


PersonalBrain is designed for use on a single computer. Any user can download PersonalBrain and install it on their machine to begin organizing and connecting his or her information the way they naturally think about it. Your PersonalBrain consists of a BRN file that stores all the information relationships you create and a BRN folder which stores any content or shortcuts to content in other folders. With a relatively small footprint on your PC computer the program's simple architecture enables whole new method of information access and gives a wide range of users the ability to create a dynamic and personalized interface with minimal technical requirements. PersonalBrain interoperates with all standard Microsoft files, PDFs, and Web content. Users can instantly launch programs and files from their Thoughts, as well as drag and drop files and Web pages into their Brain to create new Thoughts.


BrainEKP is a web based solution with an extensible architecture that enables connectivity and scalability to disparate data sources. BrainEKP is hosted on a server and runs on either an Oracle or SQL database. The software comes with Apache and Tomcat server software. BrainEKP is designed for group authoring and collaboration in a Web environment. Each Thought in BrainEKP can have its own access control and permissions set so multiple users can access the same content with different rights to Thoughts. BrainEKP also has a natural language search engine that indexes all connected databases and files attached to Thoughts. As a corollary to the content indexing, users can setup concept profiles for their Thoughts to automatically organize content.


Final note on differences: Of course BrainEKP has significantly more functionality than PersonalBrain but that's because its designed for enterprise usage. That being said please don't underestimate the power of PersonalBrain for an individual, just because BrainEKP has more capability. That would be like comparing a single person to a multinational corporation. These features require a more sophisticated IT environment than individual on his or her home computer has. Each product serves a different purpose and set needs.

Hi there,

I just missed the web seminar on march 22. But can you give me more informations about the BrainEKP pricing model? I'm just thinking about a way to put the power of the brain to our company for the primary use of knowledge management.
So it would be nice if you could give me some more informations.

kind regards,
Hi Shelley

I note that BrainEKP can have permissions set for certain thoughts. With this in mind, is it possible to use BrainEKP in the following manner? -

Accounting firm - A,B,C, etc have their own individual Brain EKP's, readily accessable by their staff. (BrainEKP contains firm's procedures, policies, personnel and structure as well as having search access over the firm's content.)

Multiple Accounting firms - A+B+C, etc have shared access via their BrainEKP to a secondary BrainEKP structure. The secondary BrainEKP structure has Expert Knowledge relevant to all the accounting firms. The Expert Knowledge BrainEKP is then updated and maintained with relevant content for use by all firms. Possibly power users are enabled in the seperate firms (recognised experts in their particular field i.e General Sales Tax).

At the level of the unique user in an accounting firm, the Expert Knowledge BrainEKP is easily searchable from within the individual firm's BrainEKP. In fact, to the unique user, the two brain's feel like a single brain.

Outside of linked brain structures, I guess the Expert Knowledge BrainEKP would have to reside seperately to the individual firm's BrainEKP, accessible with a different authentication. This would be a shame.


Andrew Noble


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