Not sure if these issues have been raised. I am a prior user for many years who returned in September after a several year hiatus.

Using macOS Sierra on MacBook Pro and TheBrain

Noticed if I Command-click on Thought while Cap-Lock is on, I get Thought detail rather than selecting Child-Thoughts. When I turn Cap-Lock off, then Command-click works as expected.

Last night, unable to add file attachment to Thought, instead got crash. Happened on a second Thought as well. Rechecked this morning. Still unable to add file attachment.

Still getting around a crash per hour. Not sure if my actions and misuse are contributing. Despite that, I am liking the changes you have made.

Appreciate all your hard work.

Thanks for your feedback and error reports.

9.0.118 fixes many crashing issues that were happening on macOS. Hopefully you will notice a significant improvement.

Re: Crash on adding a file attachment... Please post the Error Report that is generated when this happens. Help > Open Log Directory > Error Reports. (Go there right after it crashes and you send us the latest file there.)

Thanks again for posting.  I've replicated and documented the Caps Lock discovery as well.

Thank you,

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