i drag a lot of gmail messagge on my Personal Brain, creating thought directly.

As i drag it for some istant the thought name automatically became the title of the gmail windows that is

Email's subject - gmail adress - gmail

I would love it could remain so!
Instead after neither a second it is automatically renamed in "Email from Google". I repeat: each single gmail message url i drag in the Plex get the same "Email from Google" name, so i cannot recognize them if i don't open th URL.

So i've to rename each one back to the "Email subject way": i find this insane!

Please give us an option to choose to mantain gmail message subject as Thought name!

I would second a solution to this small problem.   It would be nice to keep the original subject of the email when D&D'ing from Gmail.   Now I have to go back and forth, copying and pasting.   
I think this feature is a must have for the growing number of Gmail users, the majority of the content I D&D to my Brain is email, (it is not efficient to have to copy and paste the email subject to the thought as I have to do now as a work around)
I noticed this behaviour for googledocs also.
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When I see how deep other programms integrate the Google products (have a look on the Google Marketplace), I must say the Google integration of TB is very poor! Hoping for the next version... :-) :-)
Right now, because of the security built-in to Google and Gmail, this is not possible.
What restriction keeps from reading the HTML <TITLE></TITLE> tags?  

For me gmail displays the email subject and email account name in the Browser's Title Bar, rendered from the <TITLE> tag.  That would be perfectly sufficient for the thought name when d&d.



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