Drag & drop from Nautilus into PB doesn't work. Add attachment   from the thought itself does work!

Could this bug be squashed or is there another workaround? I did not try another file launcher yet.

The about gives the following info: Pro Edition Version Oct 4, 2011

I run Ubuntu 11.10 on a AMD X4 with 4Gb of RAM. Mostly I use the brain from my Ubuntu GUI but sometimes I use the same brain (not simultaneously) also from a Windows XP VirtualBox which I have installed.

Hi Mdejong,

Nice to see another ubuntu user of personalbrain aboard!

Like you, I use the same brain  on a dual boot computer with Ubuntu 11.10 and (sometime) win7. It works really great.

Drag & Drop in Linux works with the "mucommander" file manager.

After some research, I went to the conclusion that the lack of drag&drop feature in PB comes from JAVA.
Drag & Drop between linux applications and java application (not only PersonalBrain) does not work; unless implemented in both applications.

By the way : another tip I'd like to share : you can link virtualthoughts in both environment to the same thought ( ex : c:\temp (win7) and /mnt/temp (linux). Then, when you are under win7, you see the win7 virtualthoughts; and when you are under linux, you see the linux one.
This way, a shared directory in both environment can be used seamlessly with the brain...

TheBrain 9.0.250 -  OsX High Sierra &  Win7
Thank you for posting.  We've actually improved our drag and drop features in Linux with TheBrain 7.  TheBrain 7 is currently in Beta.  If you'd like to test, please feel free to visit and download from

Thank you,

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