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Have you ever wondered what someone else’s thought patterns and connections might look like? Would you like to navigate from theories of religion, to animal intelligence all the way to hot trends like the sharing economy? If so, then you need to dive into Jerry’s Brain. This app features acclaimed tech analyst and futurist Jerry Michalski. See his thinking all connected in his digital Brain like you’ve never seen ideas woven together before!
For the first time ever, Jerry Michalski has released an app on his very popular internet Brain. Thousands of people have used Jerry’s Brain as a resource on the Internet for the latest and greatest business practices, social and economic theories as well as thousands of trending technology topics. Now it’s all rolled in one app for the iPhone and iPad (the larger the screen, the better it works). Get ready to be inspired, amazed and informed. Learn More!
Well done!
Another reason why I should come back to PB! :-)
But...what if we wpuld want to do the same with our brains?
Any suggestions?
You can use TheBrain iOS or Android app. [smile]
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
Great idea!  Downloaded Jerry's brain immediately!  This could be whole new area of commerce for big brains and other information stores.

BTW, was reading today about Bill Gates and Microsoft working on a "Personal Agent" or "Digital Assistant" -- to be part of Windows 10, in some way;

I've long been seeking some better way to link my various information stores -- TB, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.; perhaps there will be some more help this year!

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