This discussion just reminded me that I'm having an ongoing problem in TB11 with new attachments not immediately displaying after they have been added to a thought.

When I try to add the attachment again (because it is not visible in the content area), I get a message telling me the attachment has already been added -- at which point I navigate away from the thought and back again, and then the attachment is finally visible.

FWIW, this was a bug we had a long time ago (back in v9, I believe) -- and now it seems to have returned. Unfortunately, it does not happen all the time, so I have not yet been able to determine when, and under what circumstances, this bug occurs.

If this is not already a known bug, and if TB Team wants me to submit an output log, please let me know if you want me to submit the log here, or in a new help desk ticket, if/when the bug occurs again.

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