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Good to hear, Mark.  Thanks.  I've passed your news on to my associate in Geneva.

Going to spend some time exploring the Climate Web. 

BTW, the link you embedded has a few extra parameters attached, which leads to a Server error.

Corrected link is .


Thanks Patrick.  Looks like a "." snuck in at the end of the link in my note.   I'll watch that in the future!  

The Climate Web continues to advance rapidly.

We've been building "Dashboards" to help visualize complicated topics without running all around the Brain. It would be a lot easier if Webbrain could do one-way links!  

Our Executive Decision-Making Dashboard for climate risk looks like this, and is available here.  


Here’s our Visualizing Climate Change Dashboard,  here in the Climate Web.  


 But we’re also experimenting with web-based platforms, e.g. this Climate Spotlight that focuses on Visualizing Climate Change; it just went up on our website here.  

Feedback and suggestions welcome!  

Mark ~

The web site link (Climate Spotlight) mentioned in your preceding post seems to be broken now....FYI.....
Thanks for heads up. I thought I'd updated things but apparently not!  We completely redid the website so some of the links did get fouled up.  The main entry point on the website is now:   From there you can look at all kinds of things relevant to the Climate Web (Brain), including the much expanded Climate Spotlights that embed the Brain into web pages.

I happened to come across this E.O. Wilson quote last week. If you haven’t seen it, it is so perfect!   

 “We are drowning in information while starving for wisdom. . . The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make importance choices wisely.”   - E.O. Wilson

In describing the Climate Web I urge people not to think about it as a “new car,” which leads them to start asking “do I like the color, etc. etc. etc.” but instead to think about the Climate Web as a car built of 67,000 Climate Knowledge Lego bricks that can be taken apart and put back together to suit users’ individual needs.  Which is what Knowledge Management is all about. And TheBrain is one of the few softwares that can realistically do that. 

Brainiac feedback welcome!



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