Hi all,

Six months ago I stopped using Outlook and switched to Gmail. The great about that is that I can drag and drop messages in my brain. This is possible with Outlook too, but there are risks of loosing the links, for example after a reinstall of outlook (see other threads). 

The downside of Gmail _was_ that contact pages did not have a fixed URL. Since a couple of weeks Google updated the contact manager in Gmail, and now they have fixed URLs per contact. Now you can drag and drop your contacts in PB without any fear of loosing the links.

Cheers, Koen
Not using TheBrain anymore. Switched to Roam Research.

I switched too (O>G) Thanks for the info. 

Hi Koen!

Tried drag & drop from Gmail but couldn't figure how to do it.  When I click on the message it opens.   How are you doing that?
Hello Shiko,

I, too, drag links to Gmail messages into my brain as follows:

1) Open the message in Gmail which has the effect of putting the message's URL in your browser's address bar.

2) In your browser, locate and drag the Gmail icon near the address bar into the brain. Drop the icon in the plex to create a new thought, or drop the icon on an existing thought to attach the message link to that thought.

You might notice that the Gmail message URL changes somewhat when you tag and archive the message, and then open the message after having accessed the tag group. This does not upset the link stored in PB because the important part of the URL remains constant. You can add and remove tags from messages without invalidating the link saved in PB.

Hope this helps,
-- Sam

Thank you, Sam. 
I see the problem.  I have made my Gmail into a taskbar icon (Win7) and this method hides the addressbar.   
Does anyone know how to LINK to ALL of my Gmail contacts? I want to have the information available in my brain but also a link to the original contact so that if I update Gmail, it will be reflected in my brain. Also, I'd like to have it organized by my Group names that I've created in Gmail.  Finally, I've found a way to keep my outlook synced with my Gmail so I could try to do this with Outlook too, but there again, pb creates a link to the contact, but POPULATES the notes field with static info. I needs this to be dynamic.  What a pain to have to make changes to my brain every time I make a change to my contact.

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