Seems like there is some major rethinking of tags and types, both making them linkable, and enabling tags to be "structured" and more easily assigned. I noticed the following changes. 
  • Linkable thought tags (#4787)
  • Tags can be applied to types and to other tags o(#4789)
  • Structured tags
  • Ability to convert a Thought to a type or a tag or a normal thought via properties dialog actions menu
  • Assign tags to existing thoughts as part of the link process
  • Linkable thought types
When might you have some documentation or explanation on how best to use these new capacities?

New tutorials are being developed to showcase some of the features in v10 and we will make these available soon.

There are many applications to the new type and tagging features but perhaps the most straightforward is that you can now easily have a thought in your brain that lists all thoughts of a given type or tag simply by linking to that type or tag as a child or jump. 

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