Version is available for download now. This version extends the Pro trial another 30 days, fixes some bugs, and adds a few minor features, including sorting of attachments. Probably most important is a fix that resolves the CPU usage problem.

We recommend that all users upgrade to this version right away.

Here are all the details.


April 6, 2007

  • Extended trial period
  • PersonalBrain Tips added to Help menu
  • Add Attachment Dialog
    • Added an option to add a link to a folder
    • Cleaned up layout and added icons to buttons
  • Attachments List
    • Attachments can be sorted by name/size/location/file type by clicking on the column headers
    • Fixed: On Windows Vista the header is displayed too tall
    • Fixed: Attachment lists displayed in modeless dialog boxes (created by right-clicking a thought and selecting Properties & Attachments) do not update when attachments are added/removed/changed
  • Search Fixes
    • Indexing of Web content does not use up any noticeable CPU resources
    • The rebuild index command works properly
  • Search Indexing
    • When refreshing the Web pages index, multiples files are downloaded at once, speeding up the indexing process. Up to 4 simultaneous downloads are done at once.
    • The Rebuild Search Index process starts the Refresh Web Pages Index process after it has completed.
    • Both rebuilding and refreshing processes create log files with detailed information in the Home folder of a Brain. The log files are called RebuildSearchIndex.log and RefreshWebPagesIndex.log.
    • Refreshing the index for web pages can be stopped and resumed without having to restart from the beginning.
    • Refreshing of the web pages index is done automatically in the background
  • General Fixes
    • The create/link/edit thought dialog box remains onscreen even when it is opened near a screen edge.
    • Pins and past thoughts show gates on highlight to enable creation and linking of thoughts from pins/PTL.
    • When a new Brain is opened
      • The wander/ESP Sync ghost thought is cleared
      • Forgotten thoughts are hidden
      • The normal view is automatically set
  • Unix/Linux fixes
    • Added support for svgz (gournal) files


PB4.0.4.1 in OS X still consumes about +-9% CPU when just being open, not effectively used.

To compare: iTunes needs +-4% to play an audio stream from an internet radio

edit: other Java apps require 0% for just being open, so Java does not seem to be the culprit.


Wouter VdB
Just as a data point (I know you didn't claim that this was fixed   ) I still can't interact with the windows desktop or start menu using under Vista 64.  Things are looking nice otherwise, though.


wvdb wrote:
PB4.0.4.1 in OS X still consumes about +-9% CPU when just being open, not effectively used.

Wouter, how do you monitor CPU usage in OS X? Thanks.

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