PersonalBrain is available now for download. This version concentrates mostly on small changes and fixes. Highlights include lots of search and indexing improvements, SiteBrain export fixes, keyboard cancel/confirm on all dialog boxes, and enablement of registration.



April 14, 2007

  • Search
    • Results toolbar shows controls for altering the search results
      • Under active thought checkbox
      • Option to sort by date modified
      • Clear results button
    • Refreshing of the Web index defaults to only run when requested
      • Preference can be turned on to automatically refresh once a week
    • Search index requires rebuilding message does not reappear once the index has been updated
    • Search activity creates a log file, search.log, which describes what is happening as it is processed in order to better track down problems
  • SiteBrain Export
    • Fixed various problems with hanging and breaking when activating thoughts using Internet Explorer.
  • Outlook Integration
    • Drag and drop of contacts from Outlook now works even if there is no email address defined
    • Drag and drop of contacts from the phone list view is supported
  • Registration
    • Registration and purchasing has been fully enabled
  • Dialog boxes
    • Generally, dialog boxes can be cancelled using the escape key and confirmed with the enter key
    • The OK and cancel buttons have been moved to the lower-right corner
  • Mac OS
    • As per Mac standards, the OK button appears in the corner and the Cancel button to the inside
  • Misc Changes and Fixes
    • Highlighted thoughts always show on a solid background so they can be read if they overlap with other thought even if thought backgrounds are turned off
    • New option to disable the prevention of auto-hide when the mouse is over the PersonalBrain window
    • Fixed: File error messages get displayed below the PersonalBrain window if it is docked
    • Fixed: Dropping a drive (C:\, D:\, etcetera) does not create a link to the drive
    • Fixed: The search box always gets the keyboard focus when the PersonalBrain window is activated
    • The add attachment button is properly enabled/disabled according to whether additional attachments can be added
    • The Core Edition retains pro features during the trial period


FYI, tested on Vista64, same issues as previously reported remain.  I saw the fix for keyboard focus and figured I would give it a shot in case it was related.  Thanks!


We haven't forgotten about the Vista 64 problem.  We just haven't been able to get a test environment together yet with everything going on here. We'll post that fix in the list when we get to it. Thanks.

Sounds great, thanks! 

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