PersonalBrain Version is available for download now. This release adds advanced search functionality, the ability to customize the Web search function, and export into PBA (xml) format. There are also lots of minor fixes, including a fix for missing icons from some applications.



April 27, 2007

  • Advanced Search
    • Advanced search button added to search tab
    • Allows searching by thought type and modification date
  • Search Web
    • The available search engines can be customized
    • New search engines can be added
  • Export
    • Exports default to the folder “Exported Brains”
    • Export into the PersonalBrain Archive format used by BrainEKP is available
  • Calendar and Event Reminders
    • Reminders are now displayed on the day the event is due instead of the day after
    • Cancel ignore events instead of delaying for 5 minutes
    • Added 5 minute delay option
    • Reminder dialog is clearer
    • Calendar updates the display automatically as Thoughts are selected and highlighted
  • Attachments
    • Right clicking on an internal attachment shows the new command “Move file out of Brain”, which converts the internal attachment to an external attachment
    • Thoughts created via drag and drop copy/move operations creates thoughts without file extensions in their name
  • Thought Icons
    • Icons for applications containing quotes in the path name now work properly
    • Fixed: thought types with no icons override existing icons on thoughts they are assigned to
  • Linux/Unix changes
    • Added xoj – xoural association for linux
  • Misc Changes and Fixes
    • Renamed keywords to tags
    • ESP Sync does not initialize keyboard monitor unless it is enabled
    • Fixed: Add attachments dialog box does not work if browser icon can’t be found
    • When Pro Trial expires, prompts user to upgrade
    • Fixed: Empty file creation list does not show templates message
    • Fixed: The alert for an incomplete indexing appears behind the main window
    • Fixed: A Brain will not close if it has just been created and no thoughts have ever been activated



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