PB on Windows XP

Steeph and danlandrum were the first to observe this here in the Releases forum.

Great idea, but another half-baked implementation.

Sure, you can display this box by pressing a keyboard accelerator. But the purpose of a keyboard accelerator or any keyboard shortcut is to keep your hands on the keys. Once the box is displayed, you have to use the mouse to do any selecting! We should be able to press the Up/Down keys to select a type, then press Enter to apply it.

I would have been quite happy if all this accelerator did was to imitate Alt+T,T although this is limited to the active Thought.

If you select New Type or New Thought, as the case might be, the box disappears and there is no "reminder" Instant-Search type box to let you know if you accidentally enter the name of an existing type or tag. A duplicates box does appear when you try creating a child etc. with a duplicate name.

(ADDED) I missed zenrain's post on the same subject. It seems this will be fixed in the next release.

When they fix this, I'd like to see duplicate Tag names allowed in the same way as duplicate Thought names and Type names, so I can use symbols of different colors as tags.
PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17
Not being able to navigate via keyboard keys is a bug. It's suppose to work both with and without a mouse. Harlan confirmed it in the following thread:

PB | Mac OS X 10.6.1

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