Talking out loud a bit here... and wondering what others think.

At first glance, I liked the new display of attachments in the Thoughts tool. It is "prettier" with larger icons and text. Also, since ther are now two lines of information, I can make the window narrower and still have readable information. In v5, it was sometimes difficult to size the window and multiple columns.

However, I frequently save multiple versions of documents. It was easier in v5 to visually scan the date column, for example.

Also, the old version allowed the display of more items because each only took one line.

I'll have to see how I feel after using the beta a bit longer.
Yes, i know what you mean - perhaps we could have an option to choose either original file list, icons only or new icon list (like windows explorer has some view options). That would be useful.

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I really like it, particularly being able to see the whole path, file name, date and size without having to constantly resize columns. It seems cleaner and more user friendly to me, and allows me to distinguish between the files much more easily. It also helps that the items in the Thought tools window have been consolidated considerably, reducing what used to be 4 lines of items to 2.

I've also found it makes the multiple attachments window easier to view, and once again distinguish between the files. Plus it now allows me to rename files in that window.

I'd be ok if they allowed us to switch between the styles on a Brain Preference level, but I'd hate to have to revert back to the original.

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