In build x157:

New Thought Tags are assigned - natively by TB9 upon Tag creation - a generic 'price tag' icon; same one for all new tags. assure something shows up visually sticking to the Thought in the plex, and to help tags stand out better in report lists.  Assigning a personalized Tag icon after creation works fine, of course, overriding the placeholder...and showing up in the Tag Properties window.
However, when a new Tag is activated, the Properties window shows no icon (just the + appears unassigned).   Inconsistent - to me anyway - the preassigned icon visually appears, just like user-assigned icons in Tag lists, when pinning a Tag, etc.  
With that...I expected the pre-assigned Tag icon to be in the Tag Properties window after creation, until a personalized icon is assigned.  

No?  Null by design?   
A suggestion from my chair would be to consider populating the default Tag icon in the properties box, when created.
Thanks for considering. 
Thanks for the feedback. This is by design. When no icon is assigned, nothing appears. It is the same if you have a thought that has a type assigned and that type has an icon. The icon for the type will appear when you look at the thought in the plex, but when you look at the properties for the thought, no icon appears. Same applies for other inherited properties such as label.

Thanks for the reply, Harlan.  

I didn't think of Tags as having inheritance like Types provide inherited icon/labels/text color attributes.  I guess since there's no "supertag" hierarchy with Tags, and Tags don't alter core Thought properties like Types do...  
So, it's essentially as if the design were: a new Tag 'inherits' an icon from a single TB9-internal "superTag" (poetic license here to imply hierarchy/inheritance); that supertag has the pricetag icon.  Text color is also inherited from internal defn (or maybe theme?), and Label inheritance doesn't apply (Tag Abbreviations are the corollary). 
If so, I get it, but it still seems simpler to pre-populate the pricetag icon [wink]... given the minimal Tag properties an no user-defined heirarchy/inheritance.  Just my preference to potentially decrease some confusion.  I can see the argument to not change anything, too.  

Anyway, speaking of Tag display...I frequently pin all three of: Tags, 'regional hub' Thoughts, and frequently used Types on the top of the Plex in order to to quickly activate, link, and shortcut-assign (Tags, Types).  I manually group-order these, L->R, Thoughts, Types, Tags.  I do this, in part, because there is not pinned Tag differentiation from pinned Thoughts.  In theory Tag/Thought icon/names could be the same.  Conversely Types on the pinned bar are differentiated with the same dotted outline box as used in the plex (this is really nice!).  

So, a suggestion is to consider visually differentiating pinned Tags from pinned Types and Thoughts; similarly, probably use the same differentiation for activated Tags in the plex, even though there is less need than plex Type-Thought differentiation. 
Might also consider stating in the respective property boxes if a Thought, Type, Tag (akin to v8).  I get the balance between TMI vs clean/minimal workspace...very common.

Again, thanks for considering.


Thanks for posting.  Pinned Tags do appear with the Tag icon.  Would you prefer they have the same dotted boarder as a Type - or something slightly different?


I'll document your feature request to bring back the "This is a Thought Type/Tag" in the properties pane as seen in v8.

Hi Matt!

Thanks for considering, and queuing the property box 'genre' reminder as a feature request. There's certainly less of a need than in TB8, but I believe it'd be helpful for new and migrating users. My experience is there is always a moderate to high learning curve with the Thought/Type/Tag construct, in part because property attribute assignments (cleverly/efficiently) all use a similar user interface.  

Yes, icons are a pinned item differentiator, but my opinion is a thought 'attribute/category/genre' (btw, what's the accepted word lumping thoughts, types, tags, link types, etc!?) differentiator is appropriate..for the reasons Type is differentiated; this in the pin bar but also the plex, property box.
Plus, it wouldn't be crazy to think user defined icons (and/or text colors) of Thoughts and Tags could be identical or, more likely similar, esp in larger brains; and where descretized Brain regions exist.  (Uh, me).  Link types are not pinnable, so this shouldn't cascade further?
One idea might be to simply 'tag' the pinned Thought Tag item with the TB9 default Tag icon (! [wink] )

mmm...maybe not...pinned Thoughts don't show assigned Tags (this might be a nice feature though, for pinned Thoughts)...and it'd create design/space issues on the pinned bar.  Have not thought through plex implications.   So...just an an off the cuff idea to consider, not a recommendation.  I'm sure your team has much better ideas.  A different encircling box than used for Types, even.  Ok, more than enough on that.  

Thanks, Matt.

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