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Only been using the software a week, but I realized that this functionality is critical for what I am planning.  I would like to present different subsets of my brain to different groups in our organization to facilitate decision making.  Showing people the whole plex is way to confusing and would not help the conversation, particularly with high level executives. 

These subsets are not next to each other as pieces are scattered throughout the plex.  For example I have thought types and tags around organizational structure, business locations, server locations, and types of software. 

I would like to be able to search the plex to display one or more thought type, link type and tag to visually present a portion of the plex.  I can do this manually with a saved expanded view, but this seems like a whole lot of work.  I would also need to predict ahead of time how people will want to view the information.  The whole idea is to facilitate decision making with a dynamic tool.
Ok, I can see our viewpoints are very different on this Dyslucksia, so we'll just agree to disagree.
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To put this plainly.

A "saved search as thought" feature would prevent me from switching to Mindjet Mindmanager.  It's filter function is astounding (you can filter by anything and save multiple queries--the results are shown on the map (not a listing) as only those portions of the mindmap that qualify).

The only reason that I have not yet comitted to either Mindmanager or PB is that a) PB doesn't have saved searches while b) Mindmanager does a poor job a linking to a thought multiple times (PB is much more fluid and elegant doing this).

But I'm willing to suffer with Mindmanager's "add relationship..." crap because it has such a highly advanced filter feature.  Saved search with a well-defined set of user "tags" would make PB rock.

PB with saved searches or Mindmanager.  That's my bottom line.
A good idea from 2008 that is worth stirring-up to the top of the pot.

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