When I create a file by just creating an external link, the new thought does not appear in the past thought list.

Used a file "Test.txt".
Dragged it onto a free space of the plex.
Pressed Shift-Control (note the change of the cursor!)
Dropped it.
--> a new thought "Test" is created, with one attachment, a link to the file Test.txt, which is NOT moved to TB (as expected).
Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-20 um 08.19.12.png 
The error: the new thought "Test" does NOT appear within the past thought list.

Now undo this via Cmd-Z.
Thought "Test" is removed.

Now, drag file "Test.txt" from Finder to a free space of the plex.
Drop it, do not press any other key.
--> a new thought "Test" is created, with one attachment, an internal file, "Test.txt".
But now, the new thought "Test" appears in the past thought list...
Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-20 um 08.19.34.png 
That's how it should be.


Confirmed. Thank you for reporting. I'll document this issue.


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