Hi is it possible to install Brain7 beside Brain6?


I just would like to test Brain7

Just install it to another directory.

I'm running both PB6 & TB7

Yup, exactly as Pat describes, I run both PB 6 and TB 7 on the same machine and it works wonderfully. I made a copy of my brain just for testing which I use in TB 7. My original brain I use in PB 6 for daily work. TheBrain is a wonderful product.
Heinrich Unger,

Thanks for posting. It is indeed possible. As Pat mentioned, you can simply choose a new install location for either PB7 or PB6, depending on which version you have installed already.

I actually have PB5, PB6 and TheBrain 7 on my computer. And I find it easiest to install each to a specific folder with the version number, e.g. PersonaBrain 5, PersonalBrain 6, etc. 

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