If I want to share a plex with a friend of mine, do i must be a corporate guy with deep pockets to buy BrainEKP does version 5.0 support brain or plex sharing?

If not, does the company have any "software as a service" tat would let me do that?

If not, which and I would export to MindManager, she edited whatever left from my plex in that format, then I imported her new .mmap file, wouldn't I lose everything what made my original plex more than a .mmap file?

I am running Mac OS 10.5.6 and Brain

I would love to learn rapidly what are the good practices for plex sharing, given the conditions described above?

dear dyslucksia,

thank you for your repy!

> you could send her your Brain in a brainzip and she could access it on her machine

that could work
is it different/better than exporting to PersonalBrain XML?

> Could you explain in a little more detail what you mean by "sharing"

read each other's brain, merge them, and eventually, mutually update them with some kind of (manual) version control, without having a SiteBrain...

thanks again for thinking about all  this...

If you both want to edit, you can share the brain via Dropbox (an online syncing setup, free for up to 2GB).

Only ONE person should have the brain open at any time.. Before closing it, certainly make a brainzip backup. Close, then email/call/IM the other person to let them know they can go ahead.
thanks a lot, very helpful!

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