I'm a rank newbie at this, and my brain is pretty unorganized (both my PB file or my grey matter).  I'm on my free trial and what I was hoping to do, in part, is use PB to organize tasks and projects, so I can see my Life's todo list, broken down between work, home and personal, then tasks under different work projects, etc.  BUT I also wanted to be able to see all my todos when I see the tree by work project.  I think I need thoughts automatically organized wit two different parents

Is this confusing?  I guess I'm trying to organize my thoughts in two ways at once, with TODO as the parent, and Children as WORK and HOME, Grandchildren as Work project etct.  But ALSO with LIFE at top, with work and home, and projects, thoughts under that as well.  Does that make sense?  You can see my brain is unorganized...

You can do what I do - which is add a second parent.  For those thoughts that logically fit in project trees do just that, but for each thought that you want on your todo list add your todo main thought as a second parent, or as a jump link (the side links). 

I have a 'Task List' thought with children that have everything I'm working on.  Those thoughts also link to their subject area parents.  I also have a jump thought off Task List called 'Today'.  I link thoughts to the Today thought for things I work on today.

Finally I created a thought type called 'Waiting' that has a grey background style, and for any action that I'm waiting for input for someone else I change the type to 'Waiting' and it is a quick visual indication.

I use the notes field and the time stamps to keep a record of progress on the specific action.

I'm sure others have different ways of doing things, but it kind of works for me.

Your filing system sounds perfectly fine to me. What's really important is not if it is "organized" according to an ideal, but if it's arranged in a manner that works and is intuitive for you.

I think you'll probably find as you become more and more used to the brain's capabilities, you will start adjusting things, and they will fall into cleaner organization patterns. At least this is how it worked for me. I'm not sure if it's because my comfort level rose with the brain as I trusted it more, or if my thinking got clearer when the relationships are actually in front of you.

In a similar fashion to Nick, I have jumps of my home thought, Inbox, Waiting for someone, and Later. Inbox is everything I'm working on, and the actual items usually have two or more parents. Inbox and the area they belong in.
Wating for someone usually has the item, another subject parent, and a jump to the person whose input I'm waiting for. This works fine for me, although I don't have everything grouped under a Life todo list. This seems like a pretty good idea also, sort of a macro overview. I'd highly recommend using thought icons, as it provides a quick visual cue of what area of thought it is. For example, my projects have the construction hat icon. Inbox has a folder Icon. People have a person icon.

Good luck!

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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