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I think TheBrain 9 is now treating an account similarly to a OS X or Windows treats user accounts (without the remote validation).

That is, when you sign in you have access to your Brain Databases. If you aren't signed in, it doesn't know you are the same user so it treats you as someone else. That way different people can log in and out of TheBrain 9 and only see / have access to their databases.

So yes, to regain access you need an Internet connection for initial validation and if you have a WebBrain account that's current, synchronization. Once that's done you can be offline and still have access to all your databases as long as you don't log out.

You would need a valid account, but that must have happened when the database was created by someone with a valid account. Everything wouldn't need to be up and running at unless you log out and log back in, or are using WebBrain sync.

Patrick / Matt / Harlan, is this correct?

I do think that this could be improved at some point by requiring the user to be online for registering TheBrain 9, Synchronization and original creation of the account, but storing the credentials locally afterwards (encrypted) so unless you are synchronizing or upgrading you don't need to be online to access your data if you switch users/accounts. I say this because people (myself included) are rather attached to their data and local validation would ensure we can always access it. [smile]
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
mnolte wrote:

 - from this moment on, you can no longer access your brains
 - this is true both for brains synchronised and non-synchronised brains

You can no longer access any Brains created, synced, etc. while you were logged in, yes.

mnolte wrote:

- to regain access to your local brains, you need an internet connection, a valid account and everything up and running at (forever).

Yes, but only those Brains that were created or synced while you were logged in. The Offline User and the Logged in User(s) are considered to be different users.

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