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I'm sure this is an old request.  Will we be eventually have a search feature in the report area?  If I want to search a brain for all instances of a search term and then add them to the selection panel so I can export the selection, I have to go back and forth between the search box, the thought, copy that thought to the selection, go back to the search box, select the next thought ... and so on.

We don't have anything like TheBrain 8's "Advanced Search" in version 9.  A major loss, in my opinion.  Seems like such a basic feature -- it's been discussed by others here for most of this year, too.

The focus for TB9's search has been on speed ease of use. In 9.0.129, even on a brain of 1,000,000 thoughts, nearly every search displays results within 2 seconds where in TB8 searches could take over 30 seconds on a large brain. Additionally, unlike TB8, notes and attachments are searched automatically and usually display only a few seconds after the main search results.

Search features will continue to improve in TB9. For example, 9.0.130 (out soon) includes the ability to do "excluding" searches as in "cat -dog".

The ability to add the search results to the report is coming in a future release as is the ability to re-open the last search.


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