One of the things I really liked about PB3 was that it used lnk files for attaching external files. This kept the links ‘live’, which means that PB could still open documents even if they were moved around between folders (or that their folder name was changed, etc.). This enabled me to keep my documents in an ‘old-fashioned’ way (in windows tree-structure libraries) while at the same time navigating through them with PB. Now, however, it seems that the links are no longer ‘live’ and that any changes in my external library can no longer be traced by PB. Is that true? And if so – is there any way to work around this without importing all the files and making them internal?



I miss this, too. It's now much harder to manage files if you move them.
Please do re-implement this feature!  Lack of it greatly reduces (read: cripples) the usefulness of PB on filesystems which already have data in place.

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