Drag and Drop from outlook isn't working, and when I went to add the addin there isn't a redemption.dll anymore (or bin folder for that matter).

Outlook drag/drop working in a different manner in 9.1.6?

Drag and drop doesn't work from outlook in version 9. It was requested quite a bit but no idea if it will ever be added back in.
One option:
Harlan wrote:
The best way to do this right now is to open the thought's folder (Ctrl+Shift+F or context menu) then drag and drop to the folder. Direct support for drag and drop from Outlook is already a well documented feature request.
Here's another, from Drag and drop from Outlook:
ptompson wrote:
In the meantime, a workaround for adding Outlook items into a Brain is possible by first dragging and dropping them to your desktop and then dragging those items into a Brain. We realize this is not ideal, but it is the best solution we have available at the moment.
Cerebrum's notes are correct.  Drag and drop is still there in v9, it's just a two step process.  I prefer the drag and drop from Outlook to desktop to TheBrain.  This, by the way, creates a .msg file that is archived in your Brain - not just a shortcut to the original message.

Additionally, we hope to improve on the Outlook compatibility in a future build of TheBrain.


A little baffled how that compatibility would have been dropped, I mean it's not like Outlook is popular or anything.


For now I'll use URL's and attach them through office 365, not ideal but better than the two step process, and I can get the URL from inside the client.


I use office 365 One Note URL's as well to integrate onenote notebooks, so at least it's following the same pattern


I fully agree with modeerf.
Moreover, I see a big lack of communication and transparency from TheBrain team on this subject.
Team that is really professional and responsive on other subjects.
There actually has been a lot of discussion about this in the past. V9 is a complete rewrite of TheBrain in a different language and everything had to be rebuilt - so nothing was removed as much as it was not recreated.

The reason Outlook drag and drop has not be recreated yet it is that it is not a simple thing to build and there is a simple (if slightly inconvenient) workaround.

We know it is not simple because the first time we implemented it was quite difficult and the final result still caused a lot of trouble. Sadly, there are many different versions of Outlook and Microsoft does not make it easy to work with any of them in terms of drag and drop.
I've been playing around with as a solution, and i've also written a small addin to simply grab the items outlook url and put that as a link. neither are perfect, but is better than nothing and easier than the two step process.

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