If I link websites to my web brain, I can not see the the website favicon. When I make a mouseover there is an icon to see, but it is alway the same globe icon?? After syncing to mobile there all icons are there... 
Thank you for posting. This is a known issue that is being reviewed by the engineering team.  We hope to have a fix available in a future update.

Thank you, Matt, for confirming that this is a bug.

Some time ago we were told this was the "intended behavior" in spite of the fact that this is not how thought icons (and thought type icons) work in the desktop -- and it is not how they worked in the v8 web brain.

When this issue is reviewed by engineering team, I hope they will also look at the fact that attached images are also overwriting thought type icons in the web client, which is neither intended nor desired in the vast majority of cases where I'm using thought type icons.

In the other words, I would prefer for the assigned thought icon (or thought type icon) to remain in place by default whenever any links, images or other files are attached to the thought. This would mirror the behavior in the desktop and the v8 web brain and provide for a much more consistent display throughout the plex. It would also allow me to manually change the thought icon in those few (rare) instances when I want the default thought icon to be replaced by another image.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request.

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