Hi All:
One of the most useful things I use the Brain for is to launch my terminal emulator to connect to various UNIX servers. These have numerous environment/client logins so I launch against saved config files that kick off macros specific to that server to handle various tasks for specific logins.
These have been hard coded into the macros but as servers/clients change so do the logins. I've tried to keep track by adding them as sibling thoughts. This helps but not as much as I'd like.
It would be VERY useful to be able to pull/steal/hack a list of parent, sibling, child thought ID's (node text?) from off the current thought. A macro language worth it's salt could pick those up and dynamically do what ever it had to do.
Something a simple as a list in a text file down in a brain folder folder (events?) would do it. You could configure the behaviour on or off of keeping this running tracking list as the brain was navigated.
Or is there any another method available of querying for associated node names?


on the brain since 1.3

Thank you for posting.  We certainly don't have anything like this out of the box.  As an option, you could select a desired group of thoughts, copy them and paste into notepad.  This will paste in the xml of the content that would contain the information you are after.  It's a manual process, but I thought I'd share in case it gave you any leverage.

Thanks for the quick reply Matt.

I'll play with pasting grouped thoughts a bit. The siblings won't be changing that often so doing a manual step now and then won't be a hardship. If I name the file carefully the individual macros can find individual files.
Parsing xml will be good practice, as the healthcare industry is moving from HL7 v2.x to xml/HL7 v3.x.


on the brain since 1.3

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