Hello guys,

I understand that some brain users are not happy with the available Note Editor.
I agree with that and have made some research about the currently situation about an editor that could be imbedded in thebrain 9 in stead of the currently used tinymce.

The best choice a found is ckeditor.

I have made  a brainzip about the study.
Could you please give me your comments ?

In attachment the brainzip: Editors 2018-02-04.brz

It seems to be a brain about the features of the ckeditor?

Nice work. I can't say a whole lot more about it as it doesn't contain the rest of your research, so it's hard for me to comment on the comparisons you've made, plus I suspect it's not really a case of us picking the components we want and TheBrain installing them for us 😉

For how I use TheBrain's note editor, it's more than adequate, produces clean code, and just works. But using other software I wish would do something in a different or better way I feel your pain and frustration; it's annoying to like everything about a program but a certain way something is (not) implemented.
Using: Evernote | Filterize | Roam Research | Feedly | Save Page WE | TheBrain v11.0.91.0

(Windows 10)
Hy everibody,


Every person has his own idea about the subjects or objects he wants to elaborate and describe.

Therefore there is not one editor which can do it all simultaneousely.

It could be splendid if each user at it's own could choose one or more editors which best suits to the things he wants to deploy.

it's annoying to like everything about a program but a certain way something is (not) implemented.

Although with ckeditor this could be possible !

In the Brain preferences, the ui tab, one could activate one new option-list with "specialized editors" where the needed editors could be suggest (components). The user simply checks the wanted editors. If the software requires a payment for use it, one could be redericted first to the due application shop.   

In the note area, the choosen specialized editors could then appears in several tabs, next to the actual "notes" editor.

When the "specialized" editing is done, one could centralized with copy-paste all the work in the actual notes.


 Here in attachment the more elaborated study 

Use whatever you like!
See here:
Workflow for more complex admin work than Notes Tab Pane Tool Editor can handle.. - TheBrain Forums
One lack in the notes editor that I consider pretty grave is the inability to center a text heading. I can hardly believe that that was left out.
+1 for text placement control: Both centering and flush right

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