Paste almost any large, formatted table (e.g., copy from an HTML page that has a table) and The Brain will go off into spinning-beach-ball-land. This is very easy to reproduce.
Same error for me. I try to copy / past table from TheBrain Markdown Reference ( to translate into French. But it's almost impossible right now :
  • The past result lost table format ;
  • After making some corrections manually, the result in it's not correct (result here :
I'm giving up complex tables with TB11 for now.
@mtrifiro @Xavier @LuizAlfredo ~

To be honest, the lack of full-featured tables is the big deal killer for me with TB11. I do miss several of the features from TB8 that were sunsetted, but I also do like many of the new features in TB11. In fact, I'm already working now on a new public brain project in TB11 -- and, for almost all other purposes, I would be ready and willing to migrate into TB11 now, except for the problems with tables.

Unfortunately none of my tables from my TB8 megabrain will display properly properly when pasted into TB11, and the missing features within the tables (for example, line wraps within cells), make it impossible for me to recreate these tables even if I had the time to do so, which I don't.

So, for the time being my megabrain still lives in TB8....and I will hold out hope that some future version of TheBrain will be able to support the import and use of full-featured tables....

In the meantime, thanks for sharing your link, Xavier. I followed it out into the web client, but landed on the home thought for your brain, and I did not see the table example to which you were referring. Are the results of your table paste still available for visitors to review?
I'd like to be able to replicate this, but so far, my tests have been working fine.  So that we can all be in sync, can someone attach a sample file that can be opened in another format and copied/pasted into the v11 notes to reproduce the error? Matt - you mentioned an HTML file with a table that can reproduce the problem?

Xavier, you mentioned that TheBrain's Markdown page exhibits this issue.  I do see that formatting is lost, but no spinning beach ball issue...

Thank you,
You might try this in .64 and see if it resolves the issue.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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