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dyslucksia wrote:
Thanks zenrain. That suggests an obvious solution.

Yes, doesn't it?

Just another reason to NEVER USE THE NOTES TOOL, as far as I'm concerned.

dyslucksia, just use a different tool to be your HTML morgue. Lately, I'm using Evernote 3, but that's because I'm experimenting with "Cloud" apps. For a good text item database, check on Zoot. Great little personal database tool.

Or, if you are a wiki nut, you can just insert your copied data into a wiki page.

Of course, those items aren't in your brain, but since Notes suck so much, you are left with copying your HTML doc down to your local machine and maintaining in some file format (whether internally with the brain as an internal file attachment or externally, where you have to worry about moving stuff).

With the great desktop search tools out there, that having a local copy isn't bad--- and there are tools that even know things like Zoot.

I've got a couple of great desktop search tools--- with my favorite being Lifestream's Vision. But with Google Desktop coming along, they've put a large swath of great desktop searchers out of business.

Personally, I really don't think Personal Brain's Notes will ever be truly useful until it does Wiki, and allows for direct hyperlinking (wiki-linking?) to thoughts, so that you could select a hyperlink that points to thoughts in the currently open brain, or to other brains.
I believe it's this suggestion:
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
I gave up on "Note" panel suggestions about--- 13 years ago. The responses I got were at first, "we will take that under advisement, but we have a more pressing issues and enhancements we'd like to do before that." and later it turned into "it's a 3rd party tool we licensed, but we will pass it along". As a professional software developer who has worked my way up from entry tech support, I know that "it's a 3rd party tool we licensed, but we will pass it along" = "We are NEVER going to do anything about it because we can't. Furthermore, we gave up even talking to our vendor for that piece of technology because no suggestions we've given them have ever seemed to matter, so you should just shut up about any comments or thoughts about that particular item as nothing will ever improve concerning it."

What is TRULY funny is that the text entry tool that I entered this message into is better then the Notes tool in PB. And that's "third party software" as well.
You might be surprised at how difficult it is. They are doing a cross platform application--- which means if they write their own, they have to worry about the differences between Windows, Mac, and *nux. They also get a lot of features in their licensed tool, such as spell checking, color capabilities (background/text), etc.

It's a trade off--- use someone else's product, and therefore be at their mercy about what new features are added in the future or what behaviors get modified or enhanced, or waste time and money writing your own. If they are busy chasing down all the various bits of silly things in their own Notes control, that is less time their developer resources are working on other problems or enhancing the product or developing the next iteration.

Just a matter of how many "features" do you need your auxilary text block tool to handle.

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