How are cases handled, where 2 people work on the same note at the same time? Desktop version, automatic sync. Thank you for clarifying!
Hi Andreas,

This is about the only issue that would arise from using TeamBrain; 2 users editing the same note at the same time. 

TheBrain syncs changes from desktop to the cloud. When there is a difference between what it sees on the cloud copy or desktop copy, it keeps the latest update. So if your colleague makes a change, then you make a change a few seconds later, and you both sync at the same exact time, your colleague's changes would be lost. 

However, what is more likely to happen is that your colleague makes a change, then your Brain auto-syncs. Later you make a change to that same note, and your Brain auto-syncs again. This is how it was designed to work, and in my experience is what actually happens. We have tested this possibility in-house and found it to be difficult to overwrite someone else's changes in this way.

Cheers, Sean
I'm confused, Sean.

It was my understanding from talking with another TeamBrain user that ALL user edits were tracked in the TeamBrain history so NO edits would be completely lost, even if one user's changes accidentally overwrote another's.

Can you please clarify?
If we both open a note at 8:00 AM, then we have the copy from 8 AM. I make a change, then sync it at 8:01 AM. Now my Brain and the cloud Brain have that change.

Your copy does not have my change yet. Instead, you have the note as it existed at 8 AM. If you make an edit and sync it, the note as you have it will overwrite any changes I made. 

This is the reason that your computer will not allow you to open a document that is already opened in another application. It would be easy to overwrite any changes. In that same vein, if you have that document synced using Dropbox (or any other file sync service) you could open that file twice, on 2 separate computers. Then when you sync, the changes made earlier will be lost when the second machine syncs. Our sync keeps the latest edit (and I believe Dropbox does this as well). 

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