Here is the story in pictures + output .log with "enableNotesLogging" option

1) Going to an existing thought

2) Pasting additional text

3) Going to any another thought and returning back. All pasted text is gone.

I've tested it 4 times. Each time closing the PB program and reloading it. Hence , a 100% problem reproducibility. After attempt 3 I created a blank "output.log" and restarted PB to log only steps 1),2),3) as described above. 

Have fun...

Click image for larger version - Name: problem_1s2.png, Views: 101, Size: 1.74 MB Click image for larger version - Name: problem_2s2.png, Views: 100, Size: 1.94 MB
Click image for larger version - Name: problem_3s2.png, Views: 105, Size: 1.74 MB

Thanks for posting. Can you update to (current release) to see if it makes a difference. I was not able to reproduce this issue when testing for it in When you paste the text into your note, can you try pressing CTRL+S to save the note then go to another Thought then come back to your original Thought to see if the note is saved.


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