Hi TB team,
going back to one of my previous posts - Notes with a strange behavior on Windows 10 (new text not shown) - I ran additional tests and came to a conclusion.

- Notes do not work in PCs with Windows 10 Insider Preview releases (beta versions of the next Windows 10 update) - tested on two different PCs. Tried a standard Windows 10 PC and everything worked.

- On one of the PCs with the Insider Preview release, I installed a virtual machine with a standard Windows 10 OS. The Brain notes worked flawlessly.

My conclusion: Insider Preview releases not supported. There were many changes to Windows 10 core components in late 2015 and early 2016. Some of those changes created this problem. I don't believe Microsoft will fix it, because it is working with every other app I use.

Why is this important and must be addressed? Because an Insider Preview release will become "standard" Windows later in 2016, when Microsoft rolls it out to everyone's PC. Meaning, the problem I have today with the brain notes will be on every Windows 10 PC that downloads the update.

Can you take a look? Just subscribe to the Windows 10 Insider Preview Program - Fast Ring.

In the meantime, I will skip notes and use attached Word files instead.



Thanks for the information. We'll make sure our engineers are made aware of this so we can take a close look.

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