putting text in color to stand out is important for me in notes, but impossible in TheBrain 9 :

Try this :
  • enter some text lines
  • select a word in entered text
  • select a text foreground color

With me the cursor is positioned on the first line of the note, the selected text is not changed to the new color.

very annoying.
Any tips or tricks?

Kind regards
Luc Van de Vyver

Thanks for posting.  I'm not able to replicate this issue.  How was the original Thought/Note created in your Brain?  Imported from v8 or a Braind new Thought in a v9 generated Brain?  Can you provide a screenshot too?

Hi Matt,

the thought and note are created in Brain 9 (although the original brain was v8).
But the same thing happens in an original Brain9

I have a small (35MB...) movie, but I cannot upload it here.
Screenshots do not tell the whole story, but attached is a sequence of screenshots.

This happens on all my macs (mac book and iMac) running latest OS version.

any clue?

Can I send the movie, that shows exactly what happens.

Kind regards


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