Yesterday I brought my PB laptop with me from one time zone to another (1 hr difference). PB was running before I left. I didn't stop it, I just hibernated the laptop for the trip. After arriving I opened up the laptop, XP woke up, and PB was still running, as expected. I then reset the time zone in Control Panel, without thinking about the effect this might have on PB.

In fact, there was no visible effect at all. But some time later I noticed that a newly-created note, timestamped by clicking the date/time icon on the toolbar, was one hour out -- still showing the correct time for the departure time zone, but 1 hr different from the time shown on the clock at bottom-right of the XP desktop.

I stopped and then restarted PB and created another timestamped note as a test. Correct local time was shown.

So the moral of the story is that it's worth restarting PB, rather than just hibernating it, if you are using timestamps and also travelling from one timezone to another.


Edit: Sorry, forgot to add: PB Pro, XP SP 3. J-1.6.0_15

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