When I type in the search box "стратегия" (russian), the header says,

"Thought, Links and Events" and searches only those items.

 It does not search notes.  

Same problem in TheBrain v.

- Brain archive (.brz)
- Version of TheBrain =
OS Windows 10 LTSB (on SSD) 
- Preferences - System - Storage = C:\Users\Friendly\Brains  (indexing - Searchable)
- Preferences - System - Localization = Automatic (both)

I hope very much for your help!


Q: What happens when try to search using Windows in that directory?
A: It finds the note and its contents.


Thanks for the test Brain. The search worked for me, and that leads me to believe that your drive may need to be re-indexed. TheBrain relies on your OS built in search to find notes and attachments.

To check if WDS (Windows Desktop Search) is indexing your drives, click the Windows button and type Indexing, open Indexing Options and click Modify, check the drives you want WDS to search, OK > Advanced > Rebuild

You will need to add the root of the HDD to the list for WDS to index the drive, but you can exclude specific folders after that if you wish.

I did what you said - Unfortunately, no result !

don't even know what to do...

Thanks for the follow up. We have seen a case where results are not returned due to the way Windows translates the path on a non English system. Since you mentioned earlier that your search term was "стратегия" I have a feeling it may be related to this issue. If this is the case, please try the following:
  1. Create a new/empty folder on your C drive - C:\Brains
  2. Open TheBrain and click on Options > Preferences > System to change the location of your Brain data storage to C:\Brains
  3. You may need to again add that location to Windows search as Sean mentioned (click Windows button, then type "Indexing" to open Indexing Options, click "Modify", and then navigate to C:\Brains and check the box next to it).
Please keep us posted on the results.

Thank you,

I did what you said - Unfortunately, no result !

I think the problem is in the assembly of my operating system  - LTSB  !

most likely search functions are somehow trimmed

thank you very much for the answers!



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