Are any of these note bug fixes and feature requests a priority for you? 33  votes

 ALL of these note Bug Fixes are an important priority for me. 10 votes
 ALL of these note Feature Requests are an important prioirity for me. 9 votes
 Some of these note Bug Fixes are an important priority for me. 4 votes
 Some of these note Feature Requests are an important prioirity for me. 6 votes
 None of these note bug fixes are prioirity for me. 3 votes
 None of these note feature requests are a priority for me. 1 vote
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A couple of great note template feature requests were recently submitted, and I would definitely use both of them on a regular, ongoing basis.

However, the helpfulness of these note templates for me would ultimately depend upon:
> resolving several outstanding note bugs and
> providing several custom note formatting features that were requested by multiple brain users quite a long while ago (many pending since late 2016)....

See details below and poll above.

In light of this, and all the recent enhancements in TB10, can any update be provided about when these long outstanding issues and feature requests might be addressed?

I hasten to add I understand TB team does not provide a development roadmap or a timeline for the inclusion of new features. I'm just curious if there's any chance any of these fixes/features might be prioritized at some point in the near future, especially if there is an expression of interest here in the forum for prioritizing these note fixes and features.

I would also love feedback from other brain users for whom these note bug fixes and feature requests might also be a priority.


Current Note Bugs
> Highlighted color changes have to be manually restored to the default settings because the default option often does not work.
> Bold, italic and underline changes cannot be turned OFF in advance of adding new text. Instead these formatting settings persist and have to be manually deleted from newly added text.
> Line wrap settings often fail if new text edits are made within existing lines of text.
> Inability to highlight text beyond that which is visible in the current screen view
> Issues with scrolling in large notes

Pending Requests for Custom Note Formatting (comparable to features currently available in TB8)
> Single line space formatting throughout the entire note (including horizontal rule and bullets)
> Changeable font type and font size options within each note (among other things, this would allow the use of special characters)
> Alignment setting controls for both text and images
> Option to place images side-by-side within notes
> Tables within notes
Hi metta.  All of them except tables are important to me.  I was somewhat surprised to see a user post a detailed account of a single mis-behavior in the Notes editor ... I don't think I have ever used the Notes editor for longer than a minute without having it behave in a way I found inscrutable.  (All of these are selecting and formatting issues, and almost all of them involve the — imho — unreliable use of line-endings.)

I would love to move all of my enormous repository of text material (most of it illustrated, but separate from my graphic work) into TheBrain.  What has stopped me from committing — even after spending the money to purchase TheBrain and the time to get to know it pretty well — is that, for me, working with the Notes editor is like trying to type and knit at the same time.

I have reluctantly begun looking into yet another "system" of personal information management — Notion.  It does not provide _anything_ like TheBrain's Plex, but its editor (one edits Pages in what is a Markdown environment) is _rock-solid_.  I can process information twice as fast in Notion than I can in TheBrain because the formatting never goes haywire ( ... and templates are fully incorporated).
Basically, I've long ago given up the hope to get bugs corrected in a timely manner (if at all). But sometimes I can't keep my hands still.

I'm using the Notes area mainly for storing stuff (text + images) from the Web locally in TheBrain. This works pretty well, because I don't want to edit the material, but only store it.

For my personal notes, the notes area is OK, because I just need the text and date, no fancy formatting.

For heavy editing, there is still the option to use attachments (Word, Database, custom editor, etc.). This allows to use plex and have advanced editing capabilities at the same time. For me, attachments are a kind of plugin system by another name, not the most elegant solution, but at least working.
Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.
Reinhard  — thank you for speaking up.  I had avoided using an external editor for content attached to Thoughts because, iirc, the ones I tried showed as only uninformative icons or tiles.  I revisited this just now, and am happy to see that at least many simple editors (viz.: iA Writer, BBEdit, TextEdit) _do_ show as a preview (not as accurately as I'd like, but it's a useful kludge).

Does TheBrain maintain a list of which program files show as previews in the attachments area?

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