Please try:

Enter notes and type in, or not, some text. [Please note notes header bar and cursor ...]
Press alt-return [... the thought details dialog, TDD, will be opened]
Change some details, if you want so. [Please note notes header bar is still there, just the cursor is within the TDD. Btw.: the notes header bar buttons work, you can click them, and they seem to work as intended]

Press F2, NOT Return.
... We're back in notes, the header bar is there, the cursor blinks ...
[If you press return, anything seems to be fine. You can still edit text]

You can't enter text now?!

Press again alt-return [back on TDD]
Press return [back to notes, see header bar, and cursor]

nop, still no text edit ...

Just tested in 10.0.23.
It's still an open issue.


Thank you for posting. When I hit return (to close the TPD) I'm back in the notes and able to edit.  Testing on Windows. Are you on a macOS?

Thank you,

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