Hi all
Have just updated from    to
My notes windows subsequently 
  • show no text (all 1,400 thoughts+  show zero, but Thought titles all intact etc)
  • wont receive any text (pastes) in design mode
  • wont save any text (pastes) in html mode
  • have lost my background colour preference (was green , now all notes backgrounds = white)
  • html mode still shows correct background colour (as originally selected in preferences)
  • all notes content appears to still exist if viewed in html mode

Fault advised by email to PB support, but open to any suggestions in meantime

Thanks for any ideas


A simultaneous reply from help desk (awesome service!) 

Thanks for contacting us. We have recently discovered an issue with Java 6 update 22. Updating to this version of Java causes PersonalBrain to fail to start on some computers. On others, it will cause Notes on Thoughts to fail to load.

As of now, the solution is to roll back to the previous release of Java - 1.6 udpate 21. This older, stable version of Java can be found at:

Make sure to uninstall update 22 prior to installing update 21.

At this point, the errors look like they are due to problems introduced by the changes in Java 6 update 22.

Please confirm back to me if this is indeed the version of Java you have, as I suspect you do. If so, please follow the above instructions and then let me know if everything is working for you.
Best regards,
Tracy Barr


Issue resolved! 

Also a good idea  for other Brain Users to turn off Java (JRE) auto update under Control Panel / Java, until Java fault is resolved.


PersonalBrain is up now and fixes this problem and works properly with Java 6 update 22.

I'm still using v5.5.2.4 and can confirm this issue affects that line too. Just about to roll back the JRE update - will there be a fix for this version in the meantime as well or has all development stopped on v5.5.x.x?



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