I Hestitated before posting it in this forum, as it's not a matter of something being broken, but just something that I noticed.

Based on my time line (, I'm adding in entries for when I read books.  I already had a normal list in a text file, so it seemed natural to include this information in my brain timeline, as well.

Previous timelines have only included the year, and no month/day.  However, with being so much more recent and personal, I needed the month present, too.  But I couldn't get the thoughts to sort like I wanted them to sort by name.

For example,

"2004 01: Read Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind"
"2004 05: Read America's Best Travel Writing 2002"

weren't sorting properly, and were reversed no matter what I did:

"2004 05: Read America's Best Travel Writing 2002"
"2004 01: Read Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind"

I wasn't able to figure out why.  Once I changed it and added a dash instead of a space, everything sorted itself out:

"2004-01: Read Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind"
"2004-05: Read America's Best Travel Writing 2002"

All my entries were doing this, not just these two.  So the years would fall in place (2004 listed before 2005), but the months within the years were reversed ("2004 06" before "2004 05", etc).

Wanted to point out the dash solution in case someone else had/has this same problem.

One thing you might try also is saving the dates as eight digit entries starting with the year, then the month then the day like this for March 20, 2008: 20080320. I usually use a shortened version for my filenames where I append the number (sans the first two digits) to each file as an ad-hoc verion control.

Thanks for pointing this out.  I was originally unable to replicate that scenario when creating two thoughts named:
  • 2004 01
  • 2004 05
They showed up in order just fine.  Then I renamed the thoughts to:
  • 2004 05 america
  • 2004 01 zen
The order flipped.  Looks like the "05" and "01" were ignored in the alphabetizing and the "ameri..." and "zen" set the order.  Adding the dash as you had mentioned links the "05" and "01" back in and again, reorders the 2 thoughts.

Thanks for pointing this out.  I'll add little quirk into our feature request list.

Thanks for the posting. I found that I have the same problem. I prefix various things with the date in the format 2008 06 14. I used spaces to make it easier to read and did not use a dash to allow for faster typing. Choosing the sort order in preferences did not help to fix the sort.

I have a parent though called Years then each year is a child. For each year I have the months listed as children -- 2008 01, 2008 02 and so on. Individual meeting dates are children of the month thought. This works very well in that you can attach relevant documents that may be needed for a particular meeting.

It would be nice if these date related thoughts could be used to populate the Calender.

Langley, BC
the sort order was not resolved by adding a dash. I had to delete the text altogether from my thought names in order to get the sort to work properly.

I had listed:

100s CE
200s CE
300s CE
1000s CE
1100s CE
1200s CE

in order to create a timeline like agnor demonstrated on another forum here.

it simply would not sort properly according to number.

I just found this post and since I am trying to do a timeline for genealogy purposes, was wondering if you had any further updates.  I'm using Version 7 Pro.  Thank you for the great info you provided!

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