This is a fairly unusual Scenario, but if you end up in it, I haven't seen a way to get out of it.

There is one site I've found that includes an ASCII character in it's search query:


If the URL is dragged into the plex, it is converted to it's HTML Character encoding in both v8 and v9.

If you copy it to the clipboard and paste it as a Web URL in v9 it's not recognized as a valid URL. However in v8 it's accepted and the character is not converted.

The problem occurs when you import a v8 database into v9. 

If you activate the thought with the URL, TheBrain 9 will crash immediately. Re-Opening TheBrain 9 will open the same thought, and crash immediately. Theres no way I've found to switch to a different thought or tab prior to this occurring, so you end up in a continuous crash cycle.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

Thanks for posting.  We'll test and document this.

*update* - Worked fine in IE.  Testing now in Mac

Thank you,
Success.  I've replicated on my Mac.

Thanks again!


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