Using TheBrain
for Visual File Management

Thursday, October 9, 2014 
11:00 am Pacific Time, 2:00 pm Eastern Time
TheBrain allows you to capture your thinking behind the files that you work with and organize information more effectively. 

This Web event focuses specifically on how you can integrate, manage and create files with your Brain to gain instant access to everything you need so you can stop searching and start seeing the right information.

Learn how to: 
  • Integrate files, Web pages and folders into your Brain
  • Track and attach multiple versions of documents and saving versions into your Brain
  • Cross reference and link related documents for easy discovery
  • Move files in and out of your Brain and take notes
  • Work with virtual Thoughts, Outlook email messages and contacts
  • Search and filter information based on concept and file type
  • Syncing files across multiple devices
Tracy Barr
TheBrain Technologies

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