Woudl it be possible to have sync with the calendar of Office 365 for Professional use and with the one from Outlook.com for personal use ?

i-e :
- have sync
- have it be multiple calendars.

Well if contacts sync could be possible too... it would be really great :-) as social connectors are getting more and more important (a LinkedIn one too ?).

In fact the cool thing would be to get a map from contacts, e-mails, events etc. which is a feature not existing right now as you just see for example which mails were sent but not who is in contact with who, which company etc.

... though you could automate it directly taking names in the to: cc: cci: fields and have a big map of all that.

Thx for all,

64-bit PB july 27th
Sony VAIO VGN-Z4 / 8MB RAM / 1600x900 / HDD SSD 256 MB
French release of Windows 8 64-bit / IE10 64-bit / Office 2010 64-bit
I'm sure this would require a lot of rewriting the way TheBrain functions and is written already, but I will pass the idea on to our developers.

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