I have 2 questions I wasn't able to find the answer in the doc or in the forum :
* Is there a way to update TheBrain V9 from an offline computer ? 
* Is it possible to get version of TheBrain that can be installed without admin privileges on the computer (e.g. zipped versions?)
I am using TheBRain in osme restricted environments ands its a hassle to greach IT desksupport to get temporary admin rights each time a new version is available...

Thanks !
TheBrain 9.0.250 -  OsX High Sierra &  Win7

Thanks for posting. You can certainly download the full installer of TheBrain from http://www.thebrain.com/download on any machine connected to the web. Then, move the file to a thumb drive for transport to your offline machine. Installing will overwrite the current app, and you will not lose any existing Brain databases.

Sorry, we don't have a zipped version of the installer or app available.  You will need to use the .dmg for macOS or the .exe for windows.

Thank you,

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