I am just curious if anyone else is aware of functionality if its possible or not.

While dropping an URL link to a thought why isn't the note should be populated with the Content of the page so the same could be used for offline viewing w/o the need to stay online...

I am sure it would be handy to a lot of people...
Probably because then you couldn't easily make notes on that web page.

PB already downloads the textual contents of all web pages you drop into it. That's what all those ###.txt files are full of. It uses those in some types of its searches.

PB would need to have "View Documents" pane as well as a "Notes" pane, so you could see the HTML page, and still have that easy to access notes pane to put in your own notes on the page. Perhaps PB could generate a picture of the HTML page, and render that is the icon (so it would blow up when you mouse over it)?

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